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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the Late Comers..never ever fade.. it's better to be late than never?

We had gone to Davao few months ago to watch the Isang Araw Lang concert. Unfortunately, we arrived late. The show was on the last part already. Sad yet terrific! hahahhahaha.. Picture taking could not be purchased by anything..

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Chronicle Day 2

We had an erratic day today. We strolled around the Robinson's place with our instructor, Sir. Bing Carino. We rode on his corolla car. In there, I'd seen a real Woody cartoon character which i'd only seen on the movie, Toy story a month ago. I was just shy telling him " may i have this one for a remembrance?". Well, pushed with my timid attitude, i refused to  utter it. We went back to school then. I rest myself in the park without anyone beside me on the bench. Perfect! I could think of something good and well without the annoyance of somebody. I'm not a loner but occasionally, I prefer to be alone to evaluate myself.
It was exactly one o'clock in the afternoon when I glanced to my cpwatch. It was almost time for my EUTHENICS class. I did'nt know why I dislike this subject. I did'nt know if it was  because of the teacher or the wearing of executive attire on midterm as part of class participation, or because of our seating arrangement, I, being in the back part of the room or a sort of these three.
In our Lit2 subject, I was assigned to take the floor for tomorrow's topic. I was designated to  discuss all about Greece to my classmates.I love reporting more than memorizing lines and terms. Unfortunately, I was given a long topic. Well, I just have to research and use the new technology in finding details about Greece. I don't have to be physically there just to acquire data regarding the place, the net already has it all. hehehe.. Merely applying my CA3 lessons..
We are not allowed to use Jejemon words but i can't stop myself from using hehehhehehe. Mam forbid!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

stealing single moment for picture taking..

SOCKSARGEN DISTRICT THANKSGIVING- a day of offering our sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. Gathered by the will and passion of God to his sons, brethren from all parts of Socksargen district congregate in one scene. We sung praises to the Lord, we kneel down and pray and shouted with glee for the unspeakable gift and endless concern and love of God. Furtheremore, we expressed gratitude for the faithful and sensible preachers he had given unto us. Pushed by their duty as preachers, they continue  impart words of God from the bible and to that, we are exceedingly blessed. Despite the long distance from them, we still feel ther concern towards the whole brethren of Socksargen. Never we imagined that we will be bestowed with such deepest love.

My Chronicle day 1

It was monday, first day of the semester. I had enrolled in Lit2 subject scheduled at 8:30-9:30 in the evening. I didn't drop the subject as my mom kept on reiterating. Undeniably,i appreciate how she cares for me, how she is worried about the situation of the city at night after seeing the news about rape and murder cases . But i want to have tough, unforgettable and wonderful college life. My night class would be one.

I rest on a bench in front of the Admin Offive. There were about 50 students wandering around the campus with different outfits, altered clothings, variety of faces.hehehe.. SOme were tall, others were short. Some faces were like faries while others were hmmm..never mind. God is really awesome. He made everyone of us unique and peculiar that no one is like us in this gigantic universe.

Finally, the bell rang. It was a ring narrating something to me.I was delighted by my unbehaved mind. I end my imagination about life and hurriedly go to my room. I met Sir Gamad and my fellow loving Lit2 classmates. They were all strangers to me. I sat on tthe second row, first coloumn part. I had my gorgeous earl beside me. She's pretty! Indisputably, cute and appealing..but she was certainly married. The lecture started.

I went home 9:30 in the evening.. So far, no accident, co trauma, no murder. hehehehhehehe

who am I? This blog is to stop my teacher asking for a nother essay about myself..

This question has been asked to me by my teachers many times already and I always have hard time thinking what my answer would be. So I guess, this must not be asked to me but to the one who created me. Because of course, he knows me best than I know myself but since I couldn’t ask him for so impossible reasons, I just make my own conclusion who really am base on my everyday attitude.
Well, I am a typical girl of General Santos City, grown-up and molded by my parents in their own little way. But I love those ways. They taught me how to be a good playmate, an honest student, a kind classmate and to be an obedient daughter to them and to God. I am fond of reading. Any reading materials will do. Goosebumps books, novels, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedia, etc. It’s my dream to publish my own book later in life so I’m starting to invest knowledge by now. So far, I haven’t read a novel yet but I wanted to experience reading one. I wish to read the novel written by Alexander Dumas, Count of Monte Cristo. This is the favorite novel of Rizal and I want to find out why. I’m fond of watching movies as well. I’m learning correct grammar and pronunciation through American movies. Most hate subject? Math. Most loved subject? English.
Talking about my personality, I am a silent to kill type of girl but I’m currently taking up Mass communication. Of course, being silent should be used in the right way. That’s one thing I can brag about. I know when to use the other version of me. I know when to talk and when to remain silent. I can be easily inspired. You tell your story to me and I will surely inspire. I can be easily carried away by situations. And this is my weakness. Problems, trials, struggles can affect my inner man.
I am superb and brilliant. God had created me this way to enjoy life. I know I am unique and no one is like me. I looked back to God with gratitude. I want to thank him for giving me life, for giving me strength and for giving me loving parents. I have plenty reasons to be thankful in this life. So thank GOD.

death excuses no one.. not even your loving, erratic sister...

How could I get through my life without my sister by my side? Chuckling and snickering with her, playing with our pet, doing silly things and most of all trying to defeat her in a pillow fight which I really can’t! I indeed miss those things. And I’ll miss it forever, for sure.
I have a meeting with my close friend in high school. I was very excited to see her and I can’t imagine her face anymore after ten years of not seeing her. I missed her voice, her laughter, her chubby face and everything about her.
I brought my little sister along without my parents’ permission. I never told mother about this because I knew that they will block our way. My little sister was just five years old then. Don’t know how to ride, don’t know how to read. Hence, she has nothing on her mind. An innocent creature! That’s how I describe her being.
We got to our rendezvous at exactly eight o’clock in the morning. After five minutes of roaming around the resort, finally I’ve found my best friend. She was crying and trying to express her deep emotion by smiling. Because of too much ecstasy, I was oblivious on what my little sister was doing that time. But I ignored those thought. I continued chatting with my friend. Many topics were opened and many experiences between ten years were shared.
After five hours of not seeing my sister, I felt my heart beat very fast. It was inexplicable! I can’t really understand what I feel that time. An emotion that was rare for me. We started looking for her everywhere in the resort. And I was calmed upon seeing her playing with an effulgent mademoiselle ever! Her beauty was beyond compare. She was really amazing. I and my friend came back to our cottage without my little sister. I thought she was happy playing with the lady.
The sun will soon set but no Cleofe appeared on my eyes. Again we started looking for her. Hours, minutes and seconds have passed but we can’t see her. I was hopeless and sat down crying out loud, didn’t know what to do. I wiped my tears away and a picture of somebody caught up my eyes. I saw a child just a meter away from me. And I felt the great contentment when I recognized who she was. It was Cleofe! I came near to her and extremely shocked upon seeing hang up a tree. NO LIFE, NO BREATH! With her eyes widely opened, asking for justice.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My flight would be on the 23rd of December. I am currently filled with so much of excitement. Excited to see a place where the spirits of the saints overflow.

Drive by my determination and the burning spirit within me, this December 23, 2010, i will fly to Apalit, Pampanga. I have the enthusiasm in my heart to see my self in this place, dancing, swinging and swaying to the beat of the song Sumayaw, Gumalaw. I want to dance this song to different place other than Gensan and hope it to be in Apalit. I never been there since the day i was baptized.