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Monday, November 22, 2010

My Chronicle Day 2

We had an erratic day today. We strolled around the Robinson's place with our instructor, Sir. Bing Carino. We rode on his corolla car. In there, I'd seen a real Woody cartoon character which i'd only seen on the movie, Toy story a month ago. I was just shy telling him " may i have this one for a remembrance?". Well, pushed with my timid attitude, i refused to  utter it. We went back to school then. I rest myself in the park without anyone beside me on the bench. Perfect! I could think of something good and well without the annoyance of somebody. I'm not a loner but occasionally, I prefer to be alone to evaluate myself.
It was exactly one o'clock in the afternoon when I glanced to my cpwatch. It was almost time for my EUTHENICS class. I did'nt know why I dislike this subject. I did'nt know if it was  because of the teacher or the wearing of executive attire on midterm as part of class participation, or because of our seating arrangement, I, being in the back part of the room or a sort of these three.
In our Lit2 subject, I was assigned to take the floor for tomorrow's topic. I was designated to  discuss all about Greece to my classmates.I love reporting more than memorizing lines and terms. Unfortunately, I was given a long topic. Well, I just have to research and use the new technology in finding details about Greece. I don't have to be physically there just to acquire data regarding the place, the net already has it all. hehehe.. Merely applying my CA3 lessons..
We are not allowed to use Jejemon words but i can't stop myself from using hehehhehehe. Mam forbid!

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