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Thursday, November 18, 2010

who am I? This blog is to stop my teacher asking for a nother essay about myself..

This question has been asked to me by my teachers many times already and I always have hard time thinking what my answer would be. So I guess, this must not be asked to me but to the one who created me. Because of course, he knows me best than I know myself but since I couldn’t ask him for so impossible reasons, I just make my own conclusion who really am base on my everyday attitude.
Well, I am a typical girl of General Santos City, grown-up and molded by my parents in their own little way. But I love those ways. They taught me how to be a good playmate, an honest student, a kind classmate and to be an obedient daughter to them and to God. I am fond of reading. Any reading materials will do. Goosebumps books, novels, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedia, etc. It’s my dream to publish my own book later in life so I’m starting to invest knowledge by now. So far, I haven’t read a novel yet but I wanted to experience reading one. I wish to read the novel written by Alexander Dumas, Count of Monte Cristo. This is the favorite novel of Rizal and I want to find out why. I’m fond of watching movies as well. I’m learning correct grammar and pronunciation through American movies. Most hate subject? Math. Most loved subject? English.
Talking about my personality, I am a silent to kill type of girl but I’m currently taking up Mass communication. Of course, being silent should be used in the right way. That’s one thing I can brag about. I know when to use the other version of me. I know when to talk and when to remain silent. I can be easily inspired. You tell your story to me and I will surely inspire. I can be easily carried away by situations. And this is my weakness. Problems, trials, struggles can affect my inner man.
I am superb and brilliant. God had created me this way to enjoy life. I know I am unique and no one is like me. I looked back to God with gratitude. I want to thank him for giving me life, for giving me strength and for giving me loving parents. I have plenty reasons to be thankful in this life. So thank GOD.

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