lipsy grace carayo

Thursday, November 18, 2010

death excuses no one.. not even your loving, erratic sister...

How could I get through my life without my sister by my side? Chuckling and snickering with her, playing with our pet, doing silly things and most of all trying to defeat her in a pillow fight which I really can’t! I indeed miss those things. And I’ll miss it forever, for sure.
I have a meeting with my close friend in high school. I was very excited to see her and I can’t imagine her face anymore after ten years of not seeing her. I missed her voice, her laughter, her chubby face and everything about her.
I brought my little sister along without my parents’ permission. I never told mother about this because I knew that they will block our way. My little sister was just five years old then. Don’t know how to ride, don’t know how to read. Hence, she has nothing on her mind. An innocent creature! That’s how I describe her being.
We got to our rendezvous at exactly eight o’clock in the morning. After five minutes of roaming around the resort, finally I’ve found my best friend. She was crying and trying to express her deep emotion by smiling. Because of too much ecstasy, I was oblivious on what my little sister was doing that time. But I ignored those thought. I continued chatting with my friend. Many topics were opened and many experiences between ten years were shared.
After five hours of not seeing my sister, I felt my heart beat very fast. It was inexplicable! I can’t really understand what I feel that time. An emotion that was rare for me. We started looking for her everywhere in the resort. And I was calmed upon seeing her playing with an effulgent mademoiselle ever! Her beauty was beyond compare. She was really amazing. I and my friend came back to our cottage without my little sister. I thought she was happy playing with the lady.
The sun will soon set but no Cleofe appeared on my eyes. Again we started looking for her. Hours, minutes and seconds have passed but we can’t see her. I was hopeless and sat down crying out loud, didn’t know what to do. I wiped my tears away and a picture of somebody caught up my eyes. I saw a child just a meter away from me. And I felt the great contentment when I recognized who she was. It was Cleofe! I came near to her and extremely shocked upon seeing hang up a tree. NO LIFE, NO BREATH! With her eyes widely opened, asking for justice.

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