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Thursday, November 18, 2010

stealing single moment for picture taking..

SOCKSARGEN DISTRICT THANKSGIVING- a day of offering our sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. Gathered by the will and passion of God to his sons, brethren from all parts of Socksargen district congregate in one scene. We sung praises to the Lord, we kneel down and pray and shouted with glee for the unspeakable gift and endless concern and love of God. Furtheremore, we expressed gratitude for the faithful and sensible preachers he had given unto us. Pushed by their duty as preachers, they continue  impart words of God from the bible and to that, we are exceedingly blessed. Despite the long distance from them, we still feel ther concern towards the whole brethren of Socksargen. Never we imagined that we will be bestowed with such deepest love.

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